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4th DEGREE has one goal in mind: To get more.

More of the back story. More of the emotion. More of the time and thought that goes into investigating, researching and running down the stories we report. 

The name takes on the concept of giving someone the third degree, as in getting to the heart and to the root of the matter -- of the story. It's also a nod to the fourth estate and to our station's channel number, 4.

Along the way, we hope to unpack theories and ideas of what it means to be a journalist, how that concept has changed and where we think the industry is headed.


In the first season, you'll hear from Eric Paulsen, Sheba Turk, Wynton Yates and Mike Perlstein about the big stories they tackled in 2016. 

Season One

EPISODE 1: Eric Paulsen "Unanchored" - December 8, 2016

Back in May, Eric was working on a story about 'Murda Capital,' a documentary that explores the rampant gun violence in New Orleans. While interviewing people involved with the making of the documentary, a fight broke out, with the cameras rolling, and one of the men had a gun. Eric and WWLTV producers decided to show the fight on TV. Eric talks about what happened that day, and the reaction it drew from viewers once it aired.

Episode 1: Eric Paulsen 'Unanchored' // Listen on Soundcloud

EPISODE 2: Sheba Turk "Viralin' Out" - December 10, 2016

Sheba Turk is no stranger to social media. In the second episode of our look back at 2016, we talk to Sheba about what went viral this year and what makes things stick. 

Episode 2: Sheba Turk 'Viralin' Out' // Listen on Soundcloud

EPISODE 3: Wynton Yates "A Reporter's Range" - December 13, 2016

During the month of July, two major incidents unfolded in Baton Rouge and just a few days apart. On July 5, a black man named Alton Sterling was shot and killed during an incident with police. About ten days later, three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers were ambushed, shot and killed. Reporter Wynton Yates covered both of these stories. In episode three, we explore with Wynton the duality that lives inside reporters: relating as a human and remaining neutral. 

Episode 3: Wynton Yates 'A Reporter's Range' // Listen on Soundcloud

EPISODE 4: Mike Perlstein "Higher Ground" - December 14, 2016

In 2016, New Orleans saw the number of heroin-related deaths eclipse the number of murders, for the first time in recorded history. WWL-TV Investigator Mike Perlstein had a hard time letting that statistic settle. In a five-part series, Mike documented some of the lives impacted by the potent drug and how the research impacted his own life. 

Episode 4: Mike Perlstein 'Higher Ground' // Listen on Soundcloud


Season Two

EPISODE 5: Mike Hoss "The Moose Cuts Loose" February 3, 2017

Season Two of 4th DEGREE begins with a goodbye. In March of 2017, WWLTV said 'see ya round' to a 28-year station veteran who decided to take his career in another direction. 

Episode 5: Mike Hoss 'The Moose' // Listen on Soundcloud

We hope you enjoy the stories behind the stories.

Episode 1: Eric Paulsen 'Unanchored' // Listen on Soundcloud

Episode 2: Sheba Turk 'Viralin' Out' // Listen on Soundcloud

Episode 3: Wynton Yates 'A Reporter's Range' // Listen on Soundcloud

Episode 4: Mike Perlstein 'Higher Ground' // Listen on Soundcloud

Episode 5: Mike Hoss 'The Moose' // Listen on Soundcloud


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