Toddler's organ donation saves three other children




Posted on May 28, 2012 at 10:42 AM

THE COLONY — Dastan Trant lived a short life, but a good one.

At his funeral Saturday in The Colony, a montage of videos chronicling the time he was born to the time of his death just 18 months later brought tears to strangers' eyes.

The pictures of precious moments — like Dastan's first haircut — helped his mom cope with losing a child.

"He was a hero," Amanda Trant said. "His favorite superhero was Batman. He had Batman crocs on all the time."

Trant calls Dastan a hero, because even though her toddler died, he is helping others to live.

When Dastan died suddenly from illness last week, his parents donated his organs.

"You never think about it until you are put in that position," his mother said. "We were told that there was no hope, but there was something good that could come out of it."

Doctors said Dastan helped save three other young lives.

Neighbors and strangers tied green ribbons on trees along Maple Drive to commemorate the young hero's organ donations.

Eric Trant said he can't believe the huge show of support for his son. "It's overwhelming... something you don't expect," he said. "You know you have a special child."

Trant said he also appreciates strangers coming by their home to pay their respects and bring the family food to eat during this difficult time.

"We didn't know ... that this little boy had this impact on a community," Amanda Trant said. "He's bringing cities together, and I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for that."

The Trants are still comforting their two surviving children who lost a little brother too soon.

But saying goodbye to Dastan at the funeral isn't the end. The family hopes his memory will live on as they plan to promote organ donation by later asking city officials in The Colony to make a city proclamation in their beloved son's name.