Holly and Tracy Pitre were in Las Vegas this weekend for a multi-day country music festival where the shooting occurred.

More than 50 dead, 500 injured

The Houma-area couple, parents of four children, were in one of the front rows for Sunday night's show, with a prime view of the concert. However, they decided to call it a night as Jason Aldean began to perform. They did linger near the back of the crowd to hear a couple of Aldean songs and that's when the shots rang out.

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Holly said that God was on their side and they were some of the first out of the venue, but that they still had to climb an eight-foot fence on the Tropicana property to escape. Dozens of others did the same.

"I knew something wasn't right, from watching movies and media," said Holly Pitre. "You could hear the automatic gunshots just going off continuously, and then a 45-second break while he was reloading."

Holly Pitre said the trip was the first time in Sin City for her husband. She said the trip was fantastic until the time of the shooting. The couple eventually made it to the airport to wait out the chaos, but even then they felt far from safe.

"We ran into some people that were at the concert that actually ran to the airport. They had people jumping barbed wire around the airport. Lost their shoes, lost their cell phones, just trying to get out of there," Pitre said.

Now that they are safe back in the New Orleans area, the Pitres say they are beyond blessed to be unharmed and are anxious to put the terrifying experience behind them.

"We're just so lucky to be alive."

The couple says they are not sure if they will attend large crowd events in the future.