One of the larger drainage pumps in New Orleans that was out-of-service Aug. 5 has been restored, yet again, after overheating Monday, the city said Tuesday.

Pump Station No. 6, which drains a large part of the city via the 17th Street Canal, had six of its 15 pumps out-of-service during the Aug. 5 flooding. Four of those pumps are the large ones used to pump out storm water and two of them are small constant-duty pumps used to send everyday runoff to Lake Pontchartrain.

Pump C, a pump that can push 1,000 cubic feet of water per second, was one of two pumps at Pump Station No. 6 that the Sewerage and Water Board managed to restore after Aug. 5, but it overheated during the rains Monday that again flooded some streets in Lakeview.

City spokeswoman Erin Burns said Tuesday that the special response teams the city put in place to man the pump stations were able to work quickly to fix the overheated Pump C and get it ready in case it is needed.

Paul Rainwater, head of the city’s interim S&WB management team, initially said Monday that Pump C suffered a motor fire, but city officials later revised that to say it had overheated.