NEW ORLEANS -- There is probably one word to describe why taking pictures on Mardi Gras is so fun: costumes.

On Fat Tuesday, if you can think of it, you can probably craft a costume to life. From cows to Mardi Gras carnival girls, to a suit made of wine corks, almost everyone in the French Quarter was dressed up in some way.

With so many costumes and so many picture opportunities, stopping and asking someone to take a picture just isn't efficient, so many turn to taking selfies.

"We've been taking selfies since we woke up this morning," said Sue Magoo, a reveler.

Selfies aren't a new invention, they've been taken since cameras were first invented, but in the past decade with social media, it's exploded.

"I love selfies I put them on Instagram," said Armando Navar.

"I see people posting constantly, and it's just a little gratuitous," said Marc Stockhausen.

In a survey by, out of 100,000 people in New Orleans, there are 54 selfie takers. That makes the Crescent City 35th in the world. On a day like Mardi Gras, that number could be even higher.

"So normally I customize my filter with their default settings," said Franklin Rodriguez, visiting from Arizona.

Some like Rodriguez master the art of selfie taking with practice.

"Make sure you're in it, but you're also part of something else," added Navar.

Professional photographer Stefany Noling who's visiting, tells us there's really no wrong way to do it, just keep in mind a few things.

"It's all about angles as well you got to get a good angle, so that's flattering," said Noling.

She said selfie-takers should also make use of the backdrop and take as many as you can, but be mindful.

"When you got people posted up like this like "hey" and they're not aware of the people behind them," said another visitor from New York.

And on this Mardi Gras Day, with the beautiful sights and color costumes, even those who didn't like selfies today say they could make an exception all to capture the moment.

In the same survey, Makati City, Philippines was the leader in the world, while New York came in at number two.