The “romp-him” took the internet by storm, and it was meant with strong reactions: you either loved it or hated it.

Most people who like fashion encouraged men to avoid the creation. But now there is a romper for men that makes some sense – it’s a take on the ugly Christmas sweater.

The holiday rompers come in all different styles, including a “hot” Santa. If you have a friend, they can come along as an elf.

Of course, they could not leave out Hanukkah. We wonder if Adam Sandler can be convinced to wear one while singing his favorite holiday song.

The holiday romper is like the popular footie pajamas for grown-ups, only better suited for warmer climates.

And while rompers seem like a girl’s outfit, really, they are easier for men to wear. They have a zipper fly that takes the “how do I go to the bathroom” issue out of the equation for dudes.

Consider ditching the traditional ugly Christmas sweater this year in exchange for the holiday romper.