Set 30 years after the original movie, Blade Runner 2049 marks the return of Harrison Ford and the introduction of several new characters.

Kim Holcomb talked to the new cast members about making the movie, working together, and why it’s important to keep a tight lid on plot points.

RYAN GOSLING: "It was a really special experience for me because I have history with the film as a fan and to be able to enter that universe and have partners like Harrison... he's as talented as he is experienced."

HOLCOMB: "There's so little that we should be talking about… how did the secrecy work (during production?)”

SYLVIA HOEKS: “I think it started at the beginning when we got the part, we got a link that lasted 24 hours to the script, and then it disappeared again.”

MACKENZIE DAVIS: “And you could never have the script open and another window, too.”

ANA DE ARMAS: “Even the audition process, we didn’t know anything about the script or the characters so it was kind of intuitive.”

HOLCOMB: "What's happening in between takes? Was there laughter, was there levity?”

ROBIN WRIGHT: “Oh complete levity, yeah. Ryan's very funny, he's very goofy and silly and such a sweetheart."

HOLCOMB, TO DAVE BAUTISTA: "You had makeup in this movie but it was different than your Guardians of the Galaxy makeup. How much did they age you in this film?”

BAUTISTA: “We never decided on an actual age but we discussed that it was somewhere in the 60's… I plucked some of my hair out and I don't have much hair to begin with but I wanted it to look more balding… I loved being able to pull that off and be believable as an older guy.”

WRIGHT: "(The movie) is stunning. The art direction, the sound design of this movie, the special effects. The sets, the lighting, it's an incredible piece of film."

Blade Runner 2049 is rated R and opens on October 6.