Getting out and in quickly to beat the summer heat can be as important as how many fish you put in the ice chest.

In most brackish water spots, speckled trout and redfish are the two top targets.

But in Delacroix Island, especially during these hot months when the specks have moved out to deeper, cooler, saltier coastal waters, in the thick grass bed-covered lakes, bays and canals, the redfish remain consistent.

But that other species is the one long time New Orleans area anglers have called "green trout."

The good thing about sweltering, summertime conditions in Delacroix is not only are the redfish and largemouth bass found together, many of the same baits will hook both – including live shrimp, gold spoons, spinner baits and soft plastics like worms and top water frogs.

With a limit of five reds and ten bass, red and green makes a great hot weather combo in the waters of Delacroix.