Standing next to the bride on her wedding day is a great honor. But as any good bridesmaid knows, that honor comes with some duties.

Janessa James is certainly familiar with that. The Brigham Young University senior has been in 12 weddings.

A viral photo of James shows her bridesmaid skills are on another level, literally.

"The photographer (Chloe Epperson) and the bride (Amy Lewis) wanted a floating, windswept bridal shot," James says. "The only way we could achieve that was to have me throw the train up in the air and get out of the way as soon as possible."

While the shot snapped a picture perfect moment of the bride's airborne wedding dress train, it also encompasses an extremely committed bridesmaid.

"We realized after a couple of takes that I was still too close to the couple to properly Photoshop me out, so the photographer asked me to literally dive out of the way," James says. "And this shot was born."

The photo captures James flying through the air in an attempt to jump out of the photo after lifting Lewis' train for the windblown look. Epperson's snap has captured the heart of wedding party members across the globe.

Most of the comments on the photo tag a soon-to-be bride or bridesmaid, noting both the hilarity and dedication James exhibited.

The 12-time bridesmaid takes the photo all in good stride. James says the experience was totally worth the bruises.

"Being a bridesmaid so many times has made me understand that the only thing that matters is that the bride and groom are having fun," James says. "Our job is to hide the mistakes and issues from the happy couple and smile through it all - regardless of how bruised your feet are, how much tulle is on your or how awful that date with the best man went."

Although bridesmaid duties in James' future may not be comically documented, she says it won't be too hard to spot her.

"I'll be the one getting ice, icing the cake or putting the emergency bouquet together."