NEW ORLEANS – That’s right, it’s back; Bride’s Cake Ice Cream.

The flavor south Louisiana has gone crazy for is hitting supermarket shelves this week.

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The company says there should be enough to feed Louisiana’s appetite for the flavor, which has gone into a frenzy since the flavor debuted in May for a limited run.

“We listened to our consumers and brought back the Bride’s Cake flavor back a lot sooner than we thought,” said Ron Davis, branch manager of New Orleans’ Blue Bell distribution center. “We were able to order enough ingredients and supplies to be able to produce it for quite a long time in the Louisiana market.”

The first run of the flavor was supposed to last three months, but it went so quickly that it was gone in four weeks.

“I’ve been with the company for 36 years, and this by far is the wildest new flavor release we’ve ever done,” Davis told WWL-TV when the flavor first came out.

So, is it here to stay this time?

“We hope to keep it here in Louisiana as a continuous flavor,” said Davis.