Frank's frying redfish with a cheese and bread crumb coating using a Sicilian culinary technique from Poggioreal, Sicily. It involves a crispy batter garnished with extra-virgin olive oil and Peccorino Romano cheese.

2 cups Italian coarse bread crumbs
1 cup Peccorino Romano cheese, finely grated + 1/2 cup cheese
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 teaspoon ground oregano
1 teaspoon Frank Davis Seafood Seasoning
1 teaspoon Frank Davis Sicilian Seasoning
1/4 cup fresh chopped Italian, flat-leaf parsley
Peanut oil for deep frying
2 cups all purpose unseasoned flour
2 cups buttermilk + 6 beaten eggs
4-6 redfish fillets, trimmed with the bloodline removed
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

First take a large bowl and mix together all the ingredients for the frozia bread crumbs crumbs, cheese, garlic, oregano, seafood seasoning, and parsley. In fact, for a super rich flavor you should mix the crumbs and let them 'set' for at least 2 hours before you use them so the flavors can marry. Better yet, let them set overnight!

When you're ready to cook, preheat your peanut oil to exactly 375 degrees (I suggest you use a thermometer so that you get it right remember, these are heavy-bodied redfish and if you fry too hot the crumb coating will brown long before the fish is cooked).

While the oil is coming up to heat, dredge the fillets in the unseasoned flour, dunk them in the egg wash, and roll them in the seasoned bread crumbs. At this point allow the fillets to 'rest' on the countertop for about 8-10 minutes. Then, when the oil is at the right temperature, begin dropping in the redfish a few fillets at a time (don't overcrowd them!). They need room to fry up crispy!

You'll find that it takes only a few minutes for the frozia coating to turn a rich golden brown color and take on a crispy, crispy texture (you'll want to fry them on both sides). When this happens, they're done! Now lift them out of the oil with a slotted spatula and place them on several layers of paper towels (or on a metal rack) to drain. But. . .while they are still piping hot, drizzle them lightly in an ultra-thin stream with a little extra-virgin olive oil and sprinkle them with a little more Romano cheese.

All that's left is to serve them immediately alongside a platter of golden brown brabant potatoes. Ciao!