2 butterflied chicken breasts 'makes 4 pieces'

2 filets of red fish. Scales on. 'serves 4'

2 zucchini coarsely sliced length wise

2 yellow squash coarsely sliced length wise

1 medium sized eggplant with skin on sliced in circles

1 bag of romaine lettuce: prewashed

2 Creole tomatoes

Frank Davis' Vegetable seasoning

Frank Davis' Sprinkle Spice

Frank Davis' Seafood Seasoning

Lemon Pepper


EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 lemons

1/4 cup softened unsalted butter

Ingredients for the Home Made Creamy Artichoke Salad Dressing. Combine in a food processer:

10 oz jar of low fat Ranch Dressing

1 small jar of marinated artichoke hearts

2 toes fresh garlic

1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese

Set grill to medium heat.

Flatten butterflied chicken breasts with tenderizer. Remove center membrane.

Season chicken: Brush with olive oil, add lemon pepper, and sprinkle spice.

Season fish: Score red fish meat. Brush with softened butter. Season with seafood seasoning, sprinkle spice, fresh parsley and lemon slices.

Add fish to grill, do not flip or move as fish will become tender and begin to fall apart.

Chicken should be grilled for just a few minutes until tender. Over cooking will make chicken tough and dry.

Season vegetables: Brush with EVOO, add salt, pepper and garlic. Grill until vegetables start t0 soften. If you over grill them, they'll be limp and mushy.

Prepare salad with Creole tomato wedges and lettuce. Drizzle with artichoke dressing. Top with grilled red fish 'meat only'. (Use spatula to separate meat from scales)

Plate Chicken and vegetables.

You're ready to eat!

Don't forget your desert - goes great with 'Punch Bowl Cake'!


Chef's Notes: Punch bowl cake can be made the day before and covered before refrigerating. Cake will last for days!

If you don't have red fish on the scales, use your favorite fish filets in a grill pan. Season the same way and only turn once.

Make your salad dressing the day before and refrigerate.