3 lbs. Creole Hot Sausage

2 Tbsp. water

Take a large 12-inch or 14-inch cast iron skillet (you can use heavy aluminum if you absolutely must!), place it on the stovetop over a medium-high heat, and generously sprinkle the inside of the pan with two tablespoons of water. Now take the sausage links and, starting in the center of the pan, begin laying them down in a concentric circle, filling up the skillet to its outer rim. At this point, place the lid on the skillet and let the sausage began to smother.

When the red-colored spicy liquid begins to accumulate in the skillet, reduce the fire to medium-low and take a basting bulb and begin removing the drippings-you don't want to leave any of it in the skillet with the links, otherwise the links won't smother--they'll boil in the juices. To render out the excess fats, it is also a good idea to prick the links with an ice pick numerous times in several places.

When the sausage is done, which should take about a 20 minutes of slow simmering with the pan covered, uncover the pan, brown them uniformly all over, and serve them piping hot inside freshly-baked pistolettes, dressed with mayonnaise and mustard. Or, serve the sausage alongside a big helping of.