1 cup drippings from the holiday ham
2 Tbsp. margarine
1/3 cup strong fresh-brewed coffee
2 Tbsp. paprika
Salt & black pepper to taste

In a heavy preheated skillet or frypan, reheat a full cup of the concentrated drippings that came from baking the ham.
Then, while the drippings are piping hot, drop in the margarine and stir it into the mix, along with the coffee and the paprika.

Now bring the mixture to a full boil, and (with a wire whip) continue to combine and cook the gravy ingredients until they form a thick glaze in the bottom of the skillet.

Finally, when the gravy is thoroughly blended and has reached a smooth, silky consistency, toss on a dash of salt, sprinkle in a little pepper to taste, and set it aside in a small pot to keep it warm.

Chef's HintsSuggestion: This is the gravy that should be generously ladled over the ham slices when the family sits down to eat at Christmas!