2 packages bun-length weenies
2 packages hamburger buns
1 jar mayonnaise
1 bottle mustard
1 cup chopped onions
1 jar pickles
2 large cans chili without beans
1 tub nacho cheese
3 Tbsp. salt and pepper mix

First thing you want to do is to half-fill a shallow-sided pot with water and bring it to a boil. Then, using a very sharp knife, cut slices crosswise into the weenies about an eighth of an inch apart. I recommend you use a pair of cooking chopsticks to set the depth of the slices (ideally you want to cut only about three-quarters of the way through-slicing down until you reach the chopsticks will regulate this).When all of the weenies have been sliced, place them a few at a time into the water and boil them for about five minutes or so until they curl. When they've cooked and puffed, gently remove them from the hot water and set them aside on a platter. Then carry them over to the grill, barbecue pit, or broiler.

When you're ready to eat, dress both halves of a hamburger bun with mayonnaise and mustard. Then either grill or broil the 'weenie burgers' until they are nice and toasty on both sides. Finally, place one of the curled, toasted weenies on top of the bun, drop some onions and pickles into the hole in the weenie formed by the center of the curl, fill the remainder of the hole with chili, and spoon on a generous helping of the spicy nacho cheese.All that's left to do then is finish the sandwich off with a sprinkling of salt and pepper, top with the opposite half of the bun, and dig in!