It was an unselfish act of kindness.

A star football player at Ellender High School in Houma, gave his homecoming crown to a young man with cerebral palsy.

"I wanted to make him happy," Terrence Gray said. "I just had to give it on to him. My heart led me to give it to him."

Terrence learned his fellow seniors elected him king at the homecoming dance on Saturday night. On the spur of the moment, he decided to share the blessing with sophomore Tate Billiot.

Terrence and some of his team mates lifted Tate's wheelchair on to the stage to pass him the crown and sash.

"See the smile on his face, it's wonderful," Gray said. "He deserved to be a king too, so he'll be a king."

Tate's glowing smile is an inspiration for students at Ellender. Homecoming Queen Jaylin Poe says Terrence Gray's gesture brought everyone to tears.

"I got really emotional because he has such a great heart," Poe said. "(Terrence) was raised well. He gave it to someone who doesn't really get the chance to do much. So, it was amazing."

Tate's mother Nancy Foret said her son is very excited to be king.

"A lot of kids talk to him," Foret said. "But, what Terrence did was truly amazing. I can't thank him enough."

There's clearly a special bond between Terrence and Tate. Terrence was born four months premature, weighing only two and a half pounds. He was developmentally delayed for his first couple of years. Terrence admits it could have been him in a wheel chair.

Instead, he is heading off to college next year to play football for the Southern University Jaguars.

"Think about others," Terrence said. "Give unto others. Don't be selfish with everything you get and receive. Stay blessed. Remain humble. Stay prayed up."