Tuesday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and to celebrate, we wanted to look at a secret Facebook feature that has been hidden away for years.

Users who are adjusting the display language may have noticed that they can change their default language to “English (Pirate).”

To change the language, scroll down on any window in Facebook and look for “English (US).” Click the plus sign (+) in the square next to open Facebook’s language dialog box. Then from the list, click “English (Pirate).”

After choosing the piratey setting, you will notice a couple of changes. For example, your timeline becomes a “home port,” pictures become “portraits,” and sharing a story onto your timeline becomes “split the booty.”

To revert the settings, either repeat the steps to access the boring “English (US).” The language dialog box can also be found by going to your Facebook settings.

The Pirate language is only available for the desktop and mobile website version of Facebook. Changing the language to pirate does not change the settings for the mobile apps.

After you are finished sailing your timeline, we would also recommend taking a look at English (uʍop əpısdՈ) language setting.