It has been proven and you have been right all along: the in-laws are the worst at buying Christmas presents.

A study by Vistaprint UK surveyed 2000 adults and concluded that in-laws have the worst reputation when it comes to gift giving. Following close behind is work colleagues, aunts and sisters.

One in 20 participants admitted that even their partners have a hard time finding the right present. One in 10 participants saying that they have had arguments about it.

But what exactly is a bad gift? One example is a coffee mug that includes the text “Do important things NOW before they become URGENT” from in-laws that want grandkids.

Other hated gifts included knitwear, romance novels, socks, bubble bath. Ugly clothes topped the list.

Interestingly enough, the study revealed that most people felt that it was the thought that mattered. One in six would keep the gift before admitting that they do not like it. A quarter of those survey said they would rewrap it and regift to someone else.

What do people like to get? Included in that list are concert tickets, sentimental and handmade gifts, gift cards and slippers.

So now you know what to do to win over your son- or daughter-in-law.