NEW ORLEANS - With the Democrats crushing defeat last November, the party is looking for new leaders to do battle against Republican President Donald Trump in 2020.

Over the weekend. the New York Times in an article suggested a number of newcomers to the national stage, including New Jersey Senator Corey Booker, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

WWL-TV political analyst Clancy DuBos said its time for the next generation of Democrats to step up.

"The Democrats who are household names are kind of aging out," DuBos said. "Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the Democrats don't have a very deep bench. So, they're looking to the next generation and I guess they see Landrieu as part of that next generation."

Xavier University of New Orleans Public Policy Professor Silas Lee said right now the Democrats are fishing to see what kind of ticket the party can put together for the next presidential election cycle.

"Certainly, Mitch can address some of the demographic issues, but the list is going to be long in terms of Democratic hopefuls," Lee said. "He's from the South. He is someone who is known within political circles. He is viewed as more of a progressive, moderate, someone who can cross over and appeal to voters in various demographic segments."

We asked voters coming out of city hall whether they thought Landrieu should run for president.

"He's a good mayor and I think he'll be a good president," one voter said.

"I don't believe that he would be able to run for the Presidency, I just don't think he could muster the votes," another voter said.

"According to the latest polls on President Trump, I think his approval rating is way down," another voter noted. "If it stays that way, I think anybody would have a chance."

Our exerts say at this point Landrieu would not be considered a top tier candidate.

"For urban mayors, after their term is up, it tends to be a terminal job in terms of elevating and moving up the career ladder," Lee said. "So, for many urban mayors, they have to look for some other opportunities, create some other opportunities."

"Mitch Landrieu speaks very well," DuBos said. "Whether you like him or not, he gives a good speech, especially to a Democratic audience. This is a low bar, but I'm pretty sure he'll do better than Bobby Jindal."

Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal ran for president in 2016, but dropped out of the race early on.

Mayor Landrieu released this statement about a possible run for president:

"It's always nice to have our work in New Orleans recognized, but I haven't considered what I'm doing beyond May 2018, including a run for higher office. I remain 100 percent focused on finishing strong in my final year of office.  We have a lot left to accomplish together to keep moving New Orleans forward."