Nearly 100 volunteers helped Habitat for Humanity worked on four new homes in New Orleans East that are in various stages of work, some were just being started, others were near completion.

They had so much energy. Danny Truong was even wearing his work home.

"I'm having a blast over here," he said.

This is the third visit for the volunteer team from the GE Digital office in New Orleans.

"I am working harder now than I work at my own house," laughed Alicia Clay Jones. "I have a total desk job, I'm at the computer for 10 or so hours a day."

"I'm just so excited that people are still coming out, and still coming back and helping New Orleans continue the incredible recovery that it's had," said Habitat For Humanity Executive Director Jim Pate.

"Today I have been scrubbing floors, and trying to prepare a house with the finishing touches for a family that I think is going to move in in a couple weeks, and it feels good," Jones said.

Jones' family owns property here.

"The houses that Habitat for Humanity are putting back together again are even stronger and more beautiful than it it was before the storm," Jones said. "I think (my family) would be proud and excited."

"We've built over 500 homes since Katrina, plus some rehabs and all, and recruited and deployed about 175,000 volunteers," Pate said.

And they still need help, especially volunteers from New Orleans.

"We're doing about 30-35 buildings a year," Pate said

To volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, visit their website at