NEW ORLEANS -- It might not look like much to some, but neighbors say a torn-up crosswalk is causing major problems. Especially when that debris becomes airborne. 

Neighbors around the corner of Chippewa and Adele Streets are frustrated with lingering damage caused by a water leak in their neighborhood.

"Kids will pass by and they'll throw (bricks and broken concrete). Somebody mentioned that they were throwing stuff at cars so it's safety reasons alone. It's just been so long," said John Michel, about the broken pavement in his neighborhood.

Michel said the mess has been out there for months and he's not the only person complaining.

"We just want some action done around here and you can't get it," said Leola Bolton, another neighbor. "Have it fixed. We don't have to worry about kids picking up bricks and throwing it everywhere."

"If you look at the bricks you can see grass is growing around those. It's been quite some time," adds Michel. 

The City of New Orleans acknowledged there was a water leak at the intersection repaired by The Sewerage and Water Board. The City said the Department of Public Words will repair the pavement. The DPW is currently finalizing the work plan for the job and it will take about 30 days for the work to be completed.