NEW ORLEANS – A water leak is keeping an Algiers woman from reaching her own front door.

A five-year-old would love to jump up and down, splashing water on a flooded sidewalk. However, the owner of the nearby house hasn't been able to get to her home in months because the whole area around the front is flooded. She can't get in the door.

"I'm very angry, made me cry, the house is starting to sink because of all the water and stuff," said owner Angela Durbin. "It's been there about two months. I called Sewerage & Water Board to fix the fire hydrant that's leaking, and every time you call them, your name goes down on a list."

The leak has flooded the sidewalk, and turned the yard into a mud field. Two snakes have been spotted.

"Ridiculous," exclaimed her daughter Nakisha Johnson. "It's like a moat. It's like Dungeons and Dragons, she can't even walk in, mosquitoes flying, it's just ridiculous, the water stinks."

Since Durbin can’t get to the home, she’s been living with her daughter.

"My daughter climbs in, but I can't get in there, because I'm scared I'm going to hurt myself," her Angela said.

The flood has even blocked lawn mowing.

"Because I can't get in, the tractors get stuck in the mud," said family friend Frank Lewis, who has been trying to mow the lawn. "I mean we tried twice, but we got bogged down."

City workers have even fined Durbin.

"Code enforcement came out and cited my mom, not once but twice," Johnson added. "They said the high grass. We can't cut the lawn because of the water in there."

WWL-TV is now asking to make Durbin’s property a priority on Sewerage & Water Board's list.

"(I’m) very frustrated, because all my winter clothes and stuff is in the house, and I can't get in there," Durbin said.

A spokeswoman for the Sewerage and Water Board reported they are looking into the leak.