Friday marked the 5th terrorist attack in the United Kingdom this year and it comes as many New Orleanians are preparing to go to London to see the Saints play. While they say they'll be cautious, they also say they won't let fear stop them from having a good time.

For Saints fan Christina Bragg, the trip will be her first time leaving the country.

"I've never been abroad before so it's my first time taking the long flight and using my passport, so I'm excited," she said.

However, the news of yet another London terrorist attack made her pause.

"I did read the stories on it, kinda looked back and saw they did have five this year," Bragg said. She'll take precautions but she won't be afraid.

"You can't let that stop your fun, you just gotta make sure you're aware of your surroundings, don't put yourself in a bad situation," Bragg said.

Sean Payton says the team is enacting safety measures as well.

"I know in the off season it was discussed and any team that's going over there I know there were conference calls," Payton said. "There will be a lot that goes into any game like that."

Despite the attacks in London, saints coaches and fans alike say the game will go on.

"I was in new York after 9/11," Payton said. "There's that part of you where the response is to not let it affect you or else they win."

Bragg agrees.

"You can't let that stuff stop you, it could happen any where to anybody, any day so you've got to just keep living your life," Bragg said.

A local travel agent reports that the London trip for the Saints game is one of the most popular trips they're offering this year.