A Medway Air ambulance arrived at Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans on Wednesday to pick-up a very special passenger.

This is the first time baby Hayze Hart has been out of the Neonatal Intensive Care unit at Ochsner Baptist Hospital. Family members gathered on the tarmac as nurses loaded him on the plane for a trip to Boston.

"It's very important," Hayze's mother Catherine Consolini said. "It's pretty much going to be life saving."

Hayze was born five months ago with Gastroschisis, a rare birth defect in which the baby's intestines extend outside his stomach through a hole near his belly button.

He's already endured four surgeries.

There was a sense of urgency to get Hayze to Boston where Children’s Hospital there specializes in his condition.

Hayze's mother said her son's liver was starting to fail.

"His eyes were very yellow, green and that means the damage was starting and that can effect other organs and the brain," Consolini said. "They are going to start a treatment called Omegaven and it won't deposit any fatty deposits to his liver and it won't do any damage, so the yellow color in his eyes and skin will go away."

Hayze's family launched a GoFundMe account to raise the money to pay for the air ambulance when the baby's insurance denied the expense.

The New Orleans community stepped up with more than $26,000 in donations.

"The heartfelt kindness and the generosity from the entire community, from family, from friends, from WWL. We're so grateful to all you guys," Hayze's Aunt Mitzi Jobe said. "This could not be possible without the help of everyone."

Devin Hart said his baby boy will soon get the treatment he needs.

"It's amazing," Hart said. "We were at kind of a dead-end road where he was at. There's so much more they can do there. I know he's getting the help he needs, so I'm happy."

Late Wednesday afternoon, baby Hayze landed in Boston and medical treatments were expected to begin as soon as he arrived at Children's Hospital.

"They're waiting for him," Consolini said. "As soon as we get him there, they're going to start."

The family also thanked the doctors and nurses at Ochsner Baptist for their care over the last five months. His aunt added, the medical professionals there treated Hayze like their own.