METAIRIE, La. - A fight leads to a deadly stabbing at a Metairie bar late Thursday night. Jefferson Parish Deputies say 52-year-old Braun Schneider was stabbed multiple times.

Friday afternoon, ripped crime tape and latex gloves could be seen where deputies say Schneider was stabbed.

"I think that's crazy," said Brandy Anderson, someone who works nearby. "I was off work when it happened, but if I had gotten off 30-minutes later I would've been in the middle of it."

The stabbing was reported around 11pm Thursday in the Westgate Tavern's back parking lot. People familiar with the bar say they're still trying to make sense of it.

"The bar was a little louder than it normally was last night, but I didn't think anything of it," said Anderson.

Jefferson Parish Deputies say Schneider and 52-year-old Christopher Farley were arguing in the bar before being told to take it outside. The two men went to the back parking lot where deputies say Farley soon stabbed Schneider multiple times with a knife. Farley, who lives in an apartment above the Tavern, was taken into custody that night but later released while detectives tried to figure out who started the fight. Friday afternoon, Farley was seen speaking with an investigator. Shortly after, Farley walked in silence as he got into a car to go speak with detectives.

"Real nice, charming guy," said Anderson. "I can't believe something like that happened."

The investigation into what led up to Schneider's death continues. Deputies say that includes watching surveillance and interviewing witnesses.

"It's a pretty quiet neighborhood, the bar is usually pretty quiet and the people upstairs are usually great," said Anderson.

As officers search for answers, some say they also want clarity into what happened. And they're curious to see what will happen next.

Jefferson Parish Deputies say Farley is claiming self-defense in Thursday night's incident.  Farley was later booked with second-degree murder.