BRIDGE CITY, LA. -- It was a gruesome site for Thursday morning commuters, not far from the Huey Long Bridge in Bridge City.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office received multiple calls from drivers who saw the lifeless body of a man lying on the side of Nine Mile Point Road, next to his bike.

"We believe he was riding his bicycle when he was possibly struck by a vehicle, unfortunately, the driver of that vehicle, did not stand by and call police and render aid to the victim pronounced dead on the scene," JPSO Spokesman Col. John Fortunato said.

The sheriff's office identified the dead man as Bruce McJilton, 65.

He lived by himself, in a small house on 9th Street in Bridge City, about a mile from where he died.

Neighbors spotted McJilton late last night, leaving on his bike. They said he was known to ride to a nearby convenience store or McDonalds at all hours of the day and night.

"He’d go to Westwego, he’d go on a bus, put his bike on the bus and he’d go to New Orleans," neighbor Louis Bergeron said. "He was a very nice fellow."

Others agreed.

"He kept to himself." neighbor Tammy Vebros said. "Walked his dogs. Road his bike everywhere. He’d sit at the McDonalds on his laptop for hours."

McJilton's neighbors are shocked that a driver would knock him off his bike and leave him for dead.

"I hope they catch him because you just don’t do that," Vebros said. "How can you leave someone lying on the side of the road like that and not care?"

McJilton’s neighbors want justice.

"That’s disgusting to me," Bergeron said. "If it’s an accident, it’s an accident. I hope they find him for sure."

Investigators don't have an exact time of death, but believe the hit and run happened sometime overnight.

The JPSO identified a vehicle they believe may have been involved.

The vehicle of interest is described as a silver 2003 Honda Odyssey minivan bearing Louisiana license plate ZZR965.

"We have a couple of leads right now that we’re working on," Fortunato said. "We definitely believe, based on the information we’ve been able to develop thus far, the suspect vehicle may have moderate damage to the front of that vehicle."

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of the vehicle involved, is asked call the JPSO Traffic Enforcement Bureau at 504-598-5880 or Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.