Through the years at WWL-TV, there have been many faces - respected and revered faces that have come to define decades and eras. But among us still is a beloved constant who’s bridged generations of reporters and viewers.

Bill Capo has been at WWL since 1980. He’s one of Channel 4’s most colorful threads, one woven throughout the fabric of our station and our community. And one so strong it’s never ever unraveled even under the most challenging of times: the Cabildo fire, the Pan Am 759 crash and storm after storm, including the one by which all others are compared – Hurricane Katrina.

Bill Capo has always been there, literally and figuratively. He’s the guy you want in your corner and always is, the man who fights for the little guy and lends his voice to those desperate to be heard. The one reporter who since 1985 has demanded action and gotten it. As the Action Reporter, he’s gotten answers too, from mayors to presidents and leaders in between. He’s covered the spiritual to the celestial and yet he’s always, always remained down to earth.

Bill Capo loves to have a good time. He relishes the city in which he was born and all its fabulous traditions. He’s proud of New Orleans and all who call it home - from the Saints to the stars he’s featured in his 12 for the Road series. He doesn’t just interview his guests, he befriends them.

At the core of the man beats the kindest heart. Bill is the reporter in the newsroom who makes time for interns and finds the time for old friends - no matter what. He’s been in the business since he was 17, starting as a camera operator. He worked his way up to a household name. Together we’ve shared life and all its changes along the way. And now it’s time for another.

Bill may be leaving this job but he’s not giving up storytelling or visit it. Instead he’ll share tales of New Orleans history as a tour guide, not on TV but in person, where he’s even more larger than life.