NEW ORLEANS -- Charges are pending against the tow truck driver accused of killing three pedestrians and injuring another person at a Mid-City bus stop.

One day after the crash at Tulane Avenue and South Carrollton, several bus riders were standing a good distance from the street.

"That's why we are standing here waiting for the bus and not there in the waiting shed, to be safe," bus rider Ray Geronimo said.

Investigators said a Dodge flatbed tow truck was traveling southbound on Tulane Avenue, when for some unknown reason, it ran off the roadway striking a group of pedestrians.

Carlos Lewis witnessed the crash.

"There was a lot of screaming, a lot of screaming, blood everywhere," Lewis said. "It's making my head hurt, just thinking about it."Lewis said he's lucky to be alive after almost being hit by the tow truck.

"I looked this way and the next thing all you hear is screeching, he's coming and I'm gone," Lewis said. "I was gone."

The tow truck reportedly belonged to All Night Towing and Recovery out of New Orleans East.

WWL-TV wanted to ask the company about the accident, but nobody would answer the door at the business.

While police investigate the cause of the crash, bus riders and Mid-City workers complain drivers often make illegal U-turns and illegal left turns within feet of the bus top.

"I don't know if this was the result of somebody making a U-turn, but if it wasn't, one day it's going to happen," said Milton Fortier who works around the corner from where the accident took place.

Other riders agreed."I see it all the time, people cutting the corner and then I'll see someone shoot through here to there," bus rider Neil Green said.

Given the fatal accident, bus riders are now urging the city to find some way to fortify the bus stop to protect riders from passing vehicles.

Others want the city to install some sort of barrier to prevent drivers form making illegal turns on that stretch of Tulane Avenue.