BILOXI – Two different tornado warnings were issued from the Mississippi State line to Biloxi Wednesday due to reports of funnel clouds in the Waveland and Long Beach areas.

It was a successful day on the water for Aaron Lamey and the Shark Fest Summer Camp he leads for the USM Gulf Coast Research Lab Marine Education Center. The group was lucky to get out into the Mississippi Sound Wednesday after Tropical Storm Cindy canceled the whole week of camp last week.

But catching and releasing three bull sharks was not the highlight of Wednesday’s activities.

“We saw some weather coming in, so we went and stopped off at Cat Island just in case it got too bad,” Lamey said.

And the weather did get bad, from a distance. The group saw three water spouts form and try to connect with the water below.

“I think the kids were excited to see it,” Lamey said. “We, of course, had to assure the kids that everything was fine because it was off in a distance pretty good.”

The storm, captured on cell phone video, is the same that spawned tornado warnings from Waveland to Biloxi Wednesday. Several other law enforcement agencies reported seeing waterspouts come onto land.

The only damage reported from the storm was minor to a traffic light in Biloxi.

Lamey said he was able to turn the experience into another lesson for the kids.

“I’ve seen them out quite a few times, and they’re a lot different on the water than it is on land,” Lamey said. “Just sort of maneuver your boat away from it and stay a safe distance away from a water spout.”