UPDATE: A spokesperson for Capital One released a statement Thursday morning that said account balances issues have been resolved. Here is the statement:

Customers are being notified when they sign in to their accounts or contact us that their balances should now be accurate. Customer accounts have been credited for any inaccurate postings related to this issue. Customers can continue accessing their accounts and our services via our online banking, mobile app, branches and ATM, and contact us if they have any further concerns.

Original Story Below:

NEW ORLEANS -- Capital One likes to ask its customers, "what's in your wallet?" but many customers are now asking the bank "Where's my money?"

Capital One banking customers are getting pending double charges on their accounts, putting several of them into the red and leaving the owners unable to use their debit cards.

"All in all, I just did some quick math and it was like $300 of double charges from the account," bank customer Neil Williams said.

Williams is one of many of the bank's debit card holders complaining about extra charges on their account.

"As of now, there's no explanation for why it happened," Williams said. "It could be a hack, it could be anything. It could just be a computer error on the bank's part."

Capital One did not contact customers directly, but released a statement on Twitter saying, "Debit card bank transactions have us seeing double today. Rest assured our support teams are engaged & working towards a fix."

While the bank works on a fix, E.J. Westfall, another New Orleans customer, doesn't know how he'll pay for for his next meal.

He claims Capital One wiped out his account.

"I tried to purchase some groceries and I was told (the debit card) was declined," Westfall said. "I called the number of (customer) service and they said I had withdrawn $180 worth of cash, which I didn't do."

Westfall is also upset the bank didn't notify customers about the problem.

"I didn't receive any email," Westfall said. "I didn't receive a phone call. I didn't receive any text. This is pretty concerning."

Capital One customer David Rosen planned to check his account for extra charges as soon as he got home.

"As a debit card holder, it's been very convenient, but if this is going to be happening, we've got to watch ourselves," Rosen said.

A Capital One spokeswoman told WWL-TV customers will be credited for the inaccurate postings. She didn't give a timetable.

Williams said he'll keep his debit card in his wallet, until the bank gives him the all clear.

"I just don't want to take any chances," Williams said. "I would still prefer a complete explanation on exactly what went wrong, just so I know."

It was not immediately clear how many customers were affected by Capital One's technical difficulties.

Capital One posted this Tweet Wednesday afternoon:

"We apologize that some customers are seeing duplicate debit card transactions & experiencing long phone hold times. All hands are on deck working on a fix & customers won't be responsible for any fees due to this issue."