As fans blow fresh air into JC Spencer’s home in North Harris County, his ruined belongings are coming out.

“Here’s the water level here, between four to five,” he said.

Monday, with floodwaters rising in their neighborhood, JC and his wife Karen were trapped on the second floor of the house. They weren’t able to contact first responders for a rescue.

“So I just called Chick-Fil-A, and ordered two grilled chicken burritos with extra egg – and a boat,” said Spencer.

“Yeah, that wasn’t on the menu,” he laughed.

The restaurant manager, Jeffrey Urban, recognized Spencer’s number, and answered the phone at the store. He was the only one able to reach to store because of flooding, according to the company.

He passed on Spencer’s cry for help to a coworker, Cindy Smith. She called her husband, who got his fishing boat and hit the water.

The crew arrived at the Spencers’ home, with two men on jet skis in tow.

“So the jet ski went around the back, and I broke those doors open so they came on through here,” said Spencer, standing in his ruined living room.

That’s when JC took a now-viral photo of his wife, sitting on the back of the jet ski in their front door.

“She said, I never dreamed I’d be leaving my house by boat,” said JC.

They loaded their belongings into the larger craft, and rode out on the jet skis. Together, they made it to dry land.

He’s thankful for the help of strangers – a gesture that makes it easier to tolerate digging through the ruined family mementos in the house.

“I’m sure we’ve become fast friends for life,” said JC.

“I know people would do it for us,” said Smith. “It’s the right thing to do. This disaster show that people do care about each other.”