NEW ORLEANS – A community is coming together to help the parents of twin girls who died in a house fire in Gretna.

Stephania Mendoza and Fernanda Alvarez were the twin girls who passed away in the house fire.

A tight knit group is now lending helping hands to their family by washing cars and selling clothes.

Mother Caren Alvarez is still in shock after losing her twin daughters, who were visually impaired, in the fire.

“She doesn't have any words, she's speechless," a family friend translated for Alvarez.

However, Alvarez is glad to know the community is trying to help.

“Happy that they're helping her in a difficult time for she's very thankful,” she said.

A fire broke out in the kitchen of the family’s home in Gretna. The girls’ grandmother and two cousins were able to escape, but the girls could not.

"They were happy girls, beautiful girls. They were always loving and with them there was never a dull moment.”

In addition to washing cars, workers at Pascual Barbershop were cutting hair. The money raised went to the Stephania and Fernanda’s parents.

“It hit me very hard, because I have twin sisters myself and I was like, ‘What, oh my gosh,’ something that no one should be able to feel, losing two daughters,” family friend Maria Alvarez said.

"I think it's a good idea for us Hispanic people to help support another Hispanic family that is in need," Yailen Rivero, supporter of the fundraisers, said.

The community is looking to get the family another home. If you would like to help call 504-345-4535.