The Zulu Lounge was one of many buildings that took on water during Saturday’s severe flooding across New Orleans.

The President of Zulu, Naaman Craig Stewart, said he was in the building when nearly four feet of water filled the club.

“it brought back a ton of memories of Hurricane Katrina,” Stewart said. “Just to see the water rise that quickly that high. We haven’t seen water that high since Hurricane Katrina.”

Stewart says he is concerned because his building is just two blocks away from a pumping station.

“If we are two blocks from a pumping station and this much flooding has occurred, it raises much bigger questions,” Stewart said.

The floodwaters caused significant damage to the building, forcing Zulu to shut down the lounge.

“We’re going to be closed at the Zulu lounge for about two to three months,” Stewart said. “Which is a problem, because we are in the midst of the planning of the Mardi Gras season. This is the hub. This is the headquarters. This is where we do it, so we are going to be inconvenienced.”

Stewart said he is confident that the community of members will step up to get Zulu back to where it needs to be. He says fans do not need to worry because they are going to rebuild Zulu bigger and better than before and just in time for Mardi Gras season.