The Audubon Nature Institute in New Orleans is providing aid to Houston-area zoos impacted by devastating flooding from Hurricane Harvey last week.

The zoo will donate $5 from every general admission ticket sold at its properties from Thursday, August 31 through Labor Day. That money will go to the Houston-area Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The Audubon Nature Institute says the aid is part of a larger plan by the AZA to provide support for industry colleagues and the animals they care for.

“As we mark the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has a special appreciation for the challenges facing the flood-ravaged communities of Texas,” CEO Ron Forman said. “Texas showed New Orleans incredible generosity during the days after Katrina. Now, we have a change to return the favor.”

The zoo says all guests will be informed that their ticket purchase is helping employees, family and animals at AZA attractions and facilities in Texas. Those facilities include Landry’s Houston Aquarium, the International Crane Foundation’s whooping crane office, Houston Zoo, Moody Gardens Rainforest and Aquarium and Texas State Aquarium.