NEW ORLEANS -- A 10-year-old boy led a police chase this morning after he allegedly stole a car in front a convenience story on the corner of St. Claude Avenue and France Street.

According to the child’s mother, Larrisha Boutain, this was the second time he’s stolen a vehicle in two weeks.

“I was inside sleep, I don't know what were they doing, I wasn't out, I didn't see anything, I just heard a knock,” Boutain said. “The man came and told me that someone informed him that I was the parent and he came and knocked on my door. I tried to help to the best of my ability with the police. Giving them information -- everything.”

Police captured the 10-year-old boy close to the store. No one was hurt.

Boutain tells Eyewitness News that her son has been taken to juvenile detention. She says that she’s working with authorities and hope to get their son some much-needed help before something tragic happens.