June’s deadly shooting at an event center on Tulane Avenue was devastating to residents, but not shocking.

The incident was captured on surveillance video, which has proved beneficial for that case and others that have happened in the Mid-City area. That is why several neighborhood groups are working together to bring more security cameras to the area after a recent campaign to raise funds.

“There were donations made with MCNO and I think with the MCNO and I think with the Mid-City Business Association,” Mallory LeBlanc said. “As well as private donations from people in the community.”

At least 20 new cameras will be soon placed in undisclosed locations around Mid-City. Residents say the new cameras give them a sense of security.

Residents say New Orleans Police have done a fantastic job at patrolling around the Mid-City area and that the new cameras will add another set of eyes.

This story was developed with our partners at Mid-City Messenger.