It was a crime caught on camera that outraged the community.

The man accused of going on a 24-hour crime spree last November, pleaded guilty Monday to several serious crimes.

Euric Cain, 22, admitted to a string of heinous crimes during a hearing at Orleans Criminal Court. Next Monday will be formally sentenced to 50 years in Angola.

Peter Gold was clearly excited the day he got his medical school short white coat at Tulane a few years ago. The city watched in horror when Cain shot him in the abdomen and then tried to shoot him twice in the head. Thankfully for Gold, the gun misfired.

Gold was trying to stop an attempted kidnapping and possible rape in the Lower Garden District. Less than 24 hours later, Cain kidnapped a couple in Treme and raped them. Monday he pleaded guilty to attempted murder, armed robbery, rape, carjacking, kidnapping and sexual battery.

"He will be sentenced next Monday to 50 years in Angola. He will not get probation, parole, suspension of sentence, good time. He will be 72 years old when he is released," explained WWL-TV Legal Analyst Chick Foret.

Foret says this can be a difficult decision by prosecutors, but it means victims will not have to testify and relive the crimes. It also means a sure sentence for Cain.

"The benefit of the plea bargain, as it relates to the state and the prosecutors in this case, is that it takes all of these cases out of the hand of the jury. It takes away any possibility of appeal. How many times have we seen people be found guilty with a jury trial and then win something on appeal?" said Foret.

Dr. Gold graduated from Tulane Medical School in May and was chosen to do a residency in orthopedic surgery at Hofstra on Long Island. His spokeswomen would only say that he is 'working in New York,' but that he is doing well and his health is very good.

On Facebook, Dr. Gold wrote 'The love and support from my friends and family over the last 11 months was truly the medicine that brought me back to life. I love you all. Justice has been served here.'

Dr. Gold also sent this statement to WWL-TV:

"I am thankful for the hard work of law enforcement and the District Attorney's office in New Orleans. They have been professional throughout and have taken this traumatic incident and successfully brought this man to justice. My thoughts and prayers are with the other victims; we have all been through much this year. I also remain thankful to all who supported me, Tulane University and the staff at University Medical Center for saving my life and continuing to do their amazing work every day in our community."

Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro, Jr., will have a public statement next Monday, October 31 at the formal sentencing.