ANGIE, La. -- A Washington Parish man shot and killed a litter of puppies according to police.

The Washington Parish Sheriff's Office arrested 25-year-old Shawn Glen Jones for allegedly shooting five puppies with a .22 caliber rifle, killing them.

The case began in late February when a concerned citizen called the Humane Society to report five abandoned puppies at the intersection of Monroe Creek Road and Frank Kennedy Road. According to police, when a rescuer found them, someone had shot and killed each puppy with a small caliber weapon.

Several tips came in to the police department, which eventually led them to Jones. Police say Jones had a female dog that was the same breed as the puppies. When police questioned him, Jones stated that he gave away the puppies, but couldn't remember who he gave them to.

Police say he later confessed to dropping off the puppies at that location, but denied shooting them.

As the investigation continued, police say detectives learned that Jones obtained a .22 caliber rifle before the shooting. Detectives believe Jones did not have the rifle with him when he dropped off the puppies, but went home and picked it up to return and shoot the puppies.

Police arrested Jones on March 15 and placed him in the Washington Parish Jail with five counts of cruelty to animals. He remains in jail with a bond set at $15,000.