NEW ORLEANS  -- A Bywater man says a real-life Grinch stole some of his Christmas displays and he caught the lengths the thief had to take to steal the items.

"My Christmas tree has been up since before Thanksgiving," Jason Labiche said.

Labiche likes Christmas a lot. But it looks to him someone, perhaps a Grinch, out there does not.

"Some just put lights, next door they only put lights."

This Friday morning, Labiche woke up to a few things missing from his porch, nowhere in his sights.

"We had a blow-up weenie dog on the other corner. Laser lights, one on this corner, one on that corner," as he showed Eyewitness News where the displays once stood.

He reviewed security video, and found something around 1:25 a.m.  A Grinch slithered and slunk, and tried to take the decor until he apparently couldn't anymore.

"You'll see him, her coming through the gate," he pointed out in the video.

Altogether the items cost a few hundred dollars, but the Grinch stole something more.

"It's kind of disappointing because we try to have this Christmas spirit with the neighbors in the neighborhood and this happens."  

And what's worse?  This actually happened last year as well.  Labiche shared that video, and last year the Grinch even had a dog.  This year he got some displays replaced by his mother.

"There was a zip tie that was tied to the lights, and this one looks like it was cut."

Unfortunately, he says that's it for the laser lights, and inflatables, there won't be anything new to replace the other.

"Thinking we have gates out in front-- but they actually come inside the gates."

However, Labiche knows Christmas doesn't come form decor or a store... 

"I hope she enjoys it or he enjoys it, hopefully, they have kids and their kids will enjoy it."

To him, Christmas means a little more.

Labiche says he has filed a police report, he's not expecting to get anything back, but he warns other potential thieves that cameras are rolling, and looking for Grinches.