NEW ORLEANS- It's a horrifying experience Bernadette Jones won't forget.

"It's hard though, very hard," Jones said.

Around 8:30 p.m. on June 28th, Jones was sitting her car outside of her mother's house on Weaver Avenue in New Orleans East. Jones tells Eyewitness News she was preparing to head to the store to refill her 22-year-old daughter Nia's medication.

"My daughter is special needs and had a seizure that day," Jones said.

Just as Jones was wrapping up a phone call, a man dressed in dark clothes and a hoodie approached her window with a gun.

"He said, 'Get out of the car!' I said 'Are you serious?' He said 'Get out of the car!'" Jones said.

Scared for her life, Jones obeyed.

"I got out and I just begged him. I said please! Take the car. Don't shoot me," Jones said.

Jones says the carjacker took off down the street, taking around $2,000 worth of her belongings with him.

"Everything was gone," Jones said.

Jones said even though her daughter was inside of her mother's home, the ordeal still affected her.

"My daughter had a seizure because she couldn't get the medication," Jones said.

WWL-TV crime analyst Jeff Asher tells us overall, carjackings are down by 4% this year than in July 2016 and July 2015. Recently, however, there has been a spike.

"Over the last two weeks or so there've been 13 carjackings in the last 13 days. And so, there have been already more carjackings in July 2017 than the first week plus of July 2017 than in all of July 2016," Asher said.

Sunday, there was another carjacking. NOPD tells Eyewitness News two juveniles approached a man on the 2700 block of North Rampart Street. One of the males held a gun to the driver, demanding he turn over his keys. The two suspects drove off, hitting another car during their getaway. Police found the stolen car on the 2800 block of Dauphine. The two suspects are now in custody.

"It's obviously a very difficult crime to see coming and it could be a
very traumatic crime," Asher said.

It's a crime that'll remain etched in Jones's memory. NOPD informed Jones Saturday that they found her vehicle. However, because there's an ongoing investigation, she is not allowed to retrieve it for the time being.

For now, Jones is relieved she is still alive, knowing that her daughter still needs her.

If you would like to help Jones, her contact email is