NEW ORLEANS -- A community is still struggling to understand why a mom and two young boys were killed in a shooting.

Another child, a 12 year old girl is seriously injured and it happened Friday morning in Gentilly.

On a gloomy Saturday afternoon, people are stopping by the home at the corner of Mandolin and Touro to pay their respects.

"Why would they do that to innocent kids," Jearon Price a mom questioned.

Price has two boys, and she is one of many who stopped by to leave a gift like a basketball or stuffed animal at the home where Monique and her two sons Justin, JuMyrin were shot and killed.

The preteen, A'Miyah who is 12 remains in the hospital.

"Any incident involving kids is something that sticks out," WWL's Crime Analyst Jeff Asher said.

Asher said the age of the victims is shocking.

"The three kids who were shot yesterday make 42 juveniles, kids under 18 shot within the last year in New Orleans, but any type of incident involving kids sticks out," Asher said.

Officials with FirstLine Schools where A'Miyah, JuMyrin, and Justin attended released a statement.

Teachers said ""It doesn't matter how many times she is asked to do, redo or revise "MYA" is willing to work, work, work, work!"

"Justin was a sweet, shy kid who had a natural gift of being GREAT at mathematics

"Jumyrin was one of the top scholars in kindergarten. He was a great reader who loved books."

While the community grieves, people are glad to see the memorial grow for a family that's impacted by tragedy.

"It's great that everybody coming together to do this, and it probably helps the family," Price said.

Officials with FirstLine Schools said counseling services will be available for staff next week.

If you have any information that can help investigators solve this crime, call Crimestoppers (504) 822-1111.