NEW ORLEANS -- A doctor who was shot while stopping an attempted kidnapping is turning his attention to helping those in need.

Peter Gold's life changed after he was shot in the stomach two years ago in the Lower Garden District. Gold, then a Tulane medical student, was shot in the stomach after confronting a man dragging an intoxicated woman down the street. The man then tried to shoot him in the head, but the gun changed.

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"It really made me put myself in his shoes," said Gold, who is now a doctor. "It made me realize we're all a part of this community and we can either decide to interact with all the community and make the community as a whole better or continue to live our lives day to day and that's what happened to me. I couldn't continue to live my life day to day."

The shooting motivated Peter to start a nonprofit called "Strong City" that helps the Youth Empowerment Project. Today, the two groups packed Thanksgiving packages, but the event was more about making sure children and young adults have the resources they need. This is Peter's way of taking a stand.

"I really believe that we can be tough on crime but if we're empowering and encouraging to the youth in our city that that's really facing the problem in a smarter way," Gold said.

Peter considers his story a tragedy to triumph.

"It's really been a blessing in disguise to have what happened to have this opportunity to bring together as many people as possible," he said.

Strong City and YEP packed 100 Thanksgiving boxes for underserved families for the holiday.