METAIRIE, La. – Two suspects were arrested and two more are at-large after a home invasion that police say was an attempt to rob alleged drug dealers.

According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, a father, his two sons and one other man broke into a home on Oaklawn Drive to steal money and drugs.

During the burglary, the suspects shot a transgender woman who police say is not connected to the illegal activities allegedly taking place inside.

So far, officers have arrested 39-year-old Damon Stephney and 19-year-old Wendell Garcia, who are father and son. Both are charged with one count of attempted first-degree murder and one count of aggravated burglary.

"The interesting thing and unique and incredibly disappointing thing about this case is we have a father perpetrating violent with two sons," said Jefferson Parish Sheriff Normand Newell.

Another one of Stephney’s sons, 21-year-old Damon Garcia, is still at-large.

“Obviously this is a generational thing in this family,” Normand said. “Hopefully upon completion of this case we won’t have to worry about this crime family any longer. Because if there is anyone in this room that thinks were going to rehabilitate these three individuals, they are sadly mistaken.”

Police are also searching for a fourth suspect, currently known only as “Phil.” Police say this unknown suspect acted as the lookout for the other three.

All suspects involved have a lengthy criminal history according to the sheriff. Stephney has been charged for several drug possession and distribution charges along with armed robbery and assault by drive-by shooting. Wendell Garcia’s criminal history includes 12 counts of simple burglary and attempted theft of an Auto. Damon Garcia’s criminal history includes three counts of battery on a school teacher, battery on a police officer, theft, and two counts of illegal use of a firearm.

As a result of this investigation, police also arrested two people who lived inside the home on drug charges. According to JPSO, 26-year-old Chad Brassette was arrested for possession with intent to distribute cocaine, marijuana and psilocybin (mushrooms). 27-year-old Homer Zometa was also arrested for possession of Marijuana.

The woman injured in the shooting remains hospitalized, but is expected to recover.

Anyone with information on (at-large suspect’s) location is asked to call CRIMESTOPPERS at 504-822-1111.