NEW ORLEANS -- California resident Ted Metzger was watching tv in an Air BNB last night when he heard gunshots outside the window. He quickly told his wife to duck before taking a look.

"I see the victim on the sidewalk coming out of the gate. And so I went out to the car ... and I saw another car come around the corner slowly and I thought ... this is a bad place to be. So I kind of retreated inside and told my wife to call 911," Metzger said.

The woman on the ground was 31-year-old Jade Gibson. After the unknown car drove off and police arrived, Metzger went outside.

"I looked at her and I could tell that she was breathing very shallowly and she had appeared to have at least three through-and-through chest wounds," Metzger said.

The scenario was all too familiar for Metzger even when he was on vacation. He spent nine years as an EMT and instantly wanted to help.

"And of course they don't want you to help cause it messes up their crime scene. By now, EMS had shown up. They had gone over to her and nothing was happening. So, I realized at that point she had already expired," Metzger said.

Neighbors tell Eyewitness News it appears someone kicked open Gibson's back door, chased her through the house before shooting her on the sidewalk outside.

Gibson's aunt, Rhudell Bookman found out about the shooting hours later from Gibson's mother.

"I said 'I'm gonna call her.' And she said, 'You can't call her.' I said 'I can't call her??! Why I can't call her?' She said you can't call her cause she's deceased. I fell to my knees and started crying," Bookman said.

Police initially issued an amber alert for Gibson's 7-year-old son, Kevin. Thankfully the child was spending the night at his next door neighbor's home.

"Last night when we heard the shots, Kevin heard them too and he asked, is that fireworks?? And I mean, just in light of knowing what that was, it's just so tragic looking back on what happened," J.T. Liger said.

For the New Orleans visitor, the incident was scary and unforgettable, but Metzger says this won't stop him from visiting again. Whether he's on the west coast or in the south, he knows nowhere is immune to crime.

"It could happen anywhere," he said. "Like you see on tv, 'Oh, nothing ever happens here,' but you're on tv now cause something bad did."