NEW ORLEANS -- A father is fighting for answers months after his wife and two children were killed inside their Gentilly home.

The murders of Monique Smith and her young sons, Justin and JuMyrin, shocked the city, But months later police have yet to make any arrests. The children's father, Justin Simms, wants to know why.

For him, the time since he last saw his wife and sons feels like an eternity.

"To tell you the truth, it has been like hell," Simms said. "Like walking in hell."

Justin's wife and two young boys died instantly. His daughter, now 13, survived.

"She's dealing with it better than I am, She really is," Simms said. "She's a strong kid. She saw what happened. She saw her younger brother die. Shot in the head. She saw her mother die and she still had the strength to call police."

Now Justin is waiting for the police to arrest the person responsible.

"The guy is still on the street living his life with his family," Simms said.

He says an arrest will bring closure, but it won't be enough to free him from the regret he feels. He and his wife Monique were separated at the time of the murders and he had moved away.

"I feel like if I was there this wouldn't have happened, I know it wouldn't have happened," Simms said. "I left my family. That's the guilt I have to live with every day."

He's trying to forgive himself and protect his daughter.

"Until those people are caught I don't feel like it's safe for my daughter to be down here at all," Simms said.

He says he can't do it alone.

"I need someone to help me. I need help," Simms said. "My daughter needs help. I wish the FBI or someone would come in and help."

Whether it takes another four months or four years, Justin says he won't give up hope.

"It's like I'm fighting a never ending battle, but I will continue until these people are caught," Simms said. "Until then I'm just going to fight."

New Orleans police say this is still an active and open investigation. They say they do not have any new updates about the case to release at this time