NEW ORLEANS – The four suspects arrested in connection with a brutal attack on two tourists in the French Quarter are expected to appear before a judge Friday.

Rashaad Piper and Nicholas Pogozelski were booked Wednesday morning, while DeJuan Paul and Joshua Simmons surrendered themselves to police earlier in the week.

The four are set to find out if they will receive bond in a Friday hearing, after being accused of a mugging that left a man fighting for his life.

Each man is facing one count of second-degree robbery instead of simple robbery charges because of the severity of the victims' injuries.

A widely-circulated surveillance video showed the attack, which happened around 9 p.m. Saturday in the 200 block of Bienville Street. One of the attackers punched James Curran in the head on the video, and then put him in a chokehold. The assailant continues to punch Curran as he struggles to drag Curran to the ground.

Almost simultaneously, another man delivers a swift blow Tim Byrne's head, at which point he collapses to the ground face first. The attacker quickly rummages through Byrne's pockets as two other men run up and appear to help rob both victims.

The four robbers run away moments later as they throw Curran, who appears dazed, to the ground. Both men were brought to an area hospital, where Bryne was listed in critical condition.

"We made a promise to you," Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said Wednesday in a press conference announcing the apprehensions of all four men. "We kept our promise."