HARAHAN -- A man and woman were arrested after attempting to seduce and rob their Uber driver at knife point.

According to the Harahan Police Department, 22-year-old Rayna Fillios called an Uber driver she hired before, inviting him over to her home. Police say that when he arrived, Fillios answered the door topless.

The victim told police that after a brief conversation, he attempted to leave, but when he tried to leave Fillios grabbed him and kissed him. As soon as Fillios let go, police say Kennedy was waiting and pulled a knife on the victim, demanding his money.

The victim refused and Kennedy punched him in the chin, according to police, knocking out one of the victim's teeth. Kennedy then fled the scene on foot while Fillios stayed, acting as if she had nothing to do with the attempted robbery.

Police located Kennedy later that night using a K9 unit. According to authorities, he was hiding in a shed behind his home and refused to come out until police used the police dog to flush him out.

Both Kennedy and Fillios were arrested for their role in the attempted robbery.

Fillios was booked for principal to armed robbery and second degree battery. Kennedy was booked for attempted armed robbery, second degree battery, violating a protective order Fillios had against him and resisting an officer.