NEW ORLEANS -- Instead of becoming the victim of a carjacking, one uptown resident decided to fight back. His actions are inspiring some to get concealed-carry permits, but is that the right decision?

Eyewitness News spoke with a security expert to find out.

When an armed man approached Bennie Sideboerd and demanded the keys to his car, Sideboard decided instead to fight back.

"I could have just threw my hands up in the air like this, but when he said, 'no don't you move', I just started shooting," Sideboerd said.

Sideboerd fired 4 shots, but missed. That's when the car jacker attacked.

"He knocked me down and we were both on the ground," Sideboerd said. "I grab him, by his back and I shot my last bullet right in his stomach," Sideboerd said. "He jumped up and said 'Oh Lord' and he left his gun and he rolled out and ran."

Police arrested 17-year-old Andrew Spikes after he checked himself into the hospital. Police also arrested 29-year-old Jonah Marco for being the get away driver. Neighbors say the attack inspired them to take precautions.

"I've looked into the conceal carry and I've just been putting it off, but this is probably gonna make me speed it up a little," neighbor Cliff Cooney said.

While neighbors are praising Sideboard's actions, security experts warn that fighting back can escalate an already intense situation and increase your chances of getting hurt.

Tulane professor of Domestic and International terrorism Robert Allen has decades of military and security experience. He recommends during a non-confrontational situation to:

1. Give up your vehicle freely
2. Follow the attackers directions
3. Make no quick or sudden movements.

"No car is worth your life," Allen said.

Cooney says he's not sure how he'd react, but he hopes he never has to find out.

"I served in the military and I've seen first hand people shot and it's not a pretty sight," Cooney said.

Police believe the two men arrested, as well as additional suspects, are responsible for multiple armed robberies across the city. If you have any information on the case, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 504-822-1111.