NEW ORLEANS -- Darren Bridges, the man accused of killed NOPD officer Marcus McNeil, pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday morning.

Bridges faces the possibility of the death penalty for first degree murder of a police officer.

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He is also charged with illegal possession of cocaine, illegal possession of various pharmaceuticals, illegally possessing a gun as a felon, obstruction of justice and aggravated assault of NOPD Officer Stephen Stephano, who shot Bridges after Bridges allegedly fatally wounded McNeil.

McNeil was shot on Oct. 13 while on patrol in New Orleans East with three other officers. According to police, they tried to stop Bridges near the intersection of Tara Lane and Lake Forest Boulevard, but Bridges ran away as they approached.

Police say McNeil then encountered Bridges alone and tried to use a stun gun to stop him, but Bridges fatally shot McNeil.

Officer Stephano heard the gunshots and ran to help McNeil, according to NOPD. He then opened fire, shooting Bridges three times. The wounded Bridges would later surrender to police.

According to NOPD, police recovered a backpack full of drugs that bridges was carrying when police initially tried to stop him.

Bridges plead not guilty for all eight counts. Discovery is set for Jan. 11.