METAIRIE, La. -- A man who reportedly accused his ex-wife of cheating is now facing life in jail after being found guilty of shooting and killing her.

Ronald Mitchell Sr., 39, was convicted a second-degree murder charge after a jury deliberated for 15 minutes Friday before passing up their verdict.

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According to the Jefferson Parish District Attorney's Office, Mitchell shot his ex-wife, 35-year-old Derice Bailey, in the head and chest in 2016 while their two children were in the home.

Although divorced, the DA's office said the couple was trying to reconcile in the months before the shooting. However, Mitchell still believed his ex-wife was cheating, and the night of the shooting, friends tried to come over and mediate their dispute. During that time, Mitchell brandished a revolver and forced the friends out of the home, leading them to call 911. The DA's office said he also tried to force their children, ages 9 and 13, out of the home, but they stayed and begged for their mother's life.

At the time of the shooting, Mitchell was awaiting trial on charges of domestic abuse and harassment against Bailey.

Mitchell is set to be sentenced on Jan. 25.